Healthy Snacks for a Happy Planet

Our Bean and Lentil Crisps are bursting with flavor and loaded with nutrition. A truly mindful and unique snack made using Green Mung Beans, Black Gram Beans and Horsegram Lentils AKA Ancient Ayurvedic Superfoods.

Each serving has 5 g of natural plant based protein (absolutely no protein isolates), 5 g of Fiber and excellent source of Iron..........say what now!!!!




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Original Plant Based Proteins: Courtesy Mother Nature

Native to Asia and Tropical Africa, these beans and lentils have been used for over thousands of centuries as protein sources primarily in plant centric ancient cultures. They are hearty, delicious and loaded with bioavailable nutrition.

All three together are simply a winning combination

Now each of these legumes are a nutrient powerhouse on their own but together, they become a complete protein with all the essential amino acids and an excellent source of minerals.

Eat and support more climate friendly Crops

Now more than ever, we need to look into diversifying our food production and making a shift towards hardy, climate resilient crops that are drought tolerant, can grow in poor soils and help restore our fragile soil health by building soil microbiome.... eating more and different varieties of beans and lentils is the way to do it.

Foundation of regenerative farming practices

Regenerative farming recognizes the importance of legumes to fix nitrogen in soil and replenish it with nutrients. These hardy crops are also used for soil cover to prevent erosion and help support a greater farm diversity.

Our mission

Our snacks highlight diverse, nutrient dense and climate friendly crops. Lets connect the dots between our health and that of our planet.