Sea Salt

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What People Are Saying

Love these crisps!!

"SANCHI, I love the name, the design, I love the mission and what the brand stands for. The ingredients are very unique and the flavors are fantastic."

Anika. M, Palo Alto

An Act of Self Love

"Who doesnt crave for salty snacks but most of them are just so unhealthy. These crisps are so crunchy and delicious, I can literally finish a bag and get all the nutritious, salty craving satisfied and not feel guilty ."

Christine. J, Pasadena, CA.

We are big Fans

"Our entire family loves these snacks, right from my Husband (long distance runner) all the way to my 3 kids. As a mother, I feel much better to offer them a bag of these snacks than the junk food alternatives. "

Leslie. C, San Francisco CA.

Bean and Lentil Magic

"I have never, ever had snacks like these before. I MEAN NEVER. They are so scrumptious, not dull on flavor, even the Sea Salt has a personality. I had heard of Mung Beans before but never had them in snacks. "

Jay. S, San Jose CA

Yummy and healthy

"I was a bit hesitant to try these snacks as I am not very fond of beans and Lentils but these honestly taste a bit like Cheetos but just way healthy."

Michael. B, Hayward CA.