Our Founding Story

It all started when I packed my bags to go to India to get some traditional Ayurvedic treatment after being devastated by the diagnoses of 2 autoimmune disorders in my early 30s. There I healed, ate traditional foods  and pondered why I was not eating more of these in the US. Back in California, I realized these traditional healing foods were not only hard to find and cook but also didn't work for my on the go modern lifestyle and taste buds.

As I researched the traditional wisdom behind the diverse healing crops, I realized how helpful they were to restore the vital soil health which is currently strained due to Industrial Agriculture and severe monocropping methods. These nutritional foods are the answer to  healing our guts, reducing the growing amount of  food intolerance while also helping restore the fragile soil ecosystems and increasing  food crop diversity to create more resilient food systems. 

SO, I decided to take the three quintessential superfoods  (Green Mung, Black Gram and Horsegram Lentils) that are regarded as the best, whole food, plant based proteins in the  South Asian culture and turn them into a snack which is not just packed with nutrition but also loaded with flavor. 

Our Mission

 You have most likely never heard of these ingredients…. And that is exactly our point and mission. 

Every Superfood we know and hear of today has been a staple of some much older cultures for centuries where smallholder farming communities have safeguarded these beautiful, diverse, nutrient dense and in most cases climate resilient food crops with great care and regard. 

But now more than ever, we as a world need to collectively reflect on our food choices and food trends….

With the rise of Global Standard Diet and Modern Industrial Agriculture, 75% of the World's food Production comes from just 12 plants and more than 50% of World’s Caloric consumption comes from just three crops : Wheat, Rice and Corn. 

This means that many of our heritage, indigenous crops ( aka superfoods)  are simply getting displaced from our farms. Moreover  these mono-cropping practices  are highly destructive to our Soil health which ultimately needs diverse crops and flourishing microbiomes to be productive.

Our Vision

We want to advocate and celebrate for the abundant food diversity by mindfully creating snacks that highlight unique ingredients that are not only nutritious but also help nurture our planet. 

There is a deep interconnection between our health and the wellbeing of our planet we call home and it is our responsibility to cherish and protect it by making kinder, conscious and impactful snacking choices.